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Ultra Wifi Booster

Ultra Wifi Booster

"Never ever lose internet connection again!"

Slow Internet can be very frustrating...

Especially when everybody is spending most of the time at home.

It takes forever to wait for your favorite movie/video to watch with a low-quality router and low coverage.

Don't Worry, we've got you covered! Ultra Wifi Booster is the simplest way to cover all of the WiFi deadspots in your home. Ultra Wifi Booster effectively doubles your wireless internet signal, creating a stronger, more reliable connection.

Wifi Booster eliminates all internet connectivity problems caused by deadspots, multiple users, and out-of-range devices.

Perfect For Mobile Connections
Improve your mobile WiFi speeds up to 100% with the full coverage.
Range Boost Technology
Boost the range of your WiFi and create a stronger signal in hard-to-reach areas.
High Speed

The WiFi Booster can be up to 300Mbps downloading speed.


✅Compatible with ALL routers

✅Frequency 2.4Ghz

✅Fast Speed up to 300Mbps

✅Easy setup - Plug & Play

✅High Coverage

With Ultra Wifi Booster you will get WAY stronger internet connection even during peak times.